Citi PremierMiles Card

  1. Earn 1.2 Citi Miles with every $1 spend
  2. Up to 20,000 Citi Miles in annual bonus
  3. Redeem flights on the most airlines, or rebates on all travel spend
* A cardmember will receive 10,000 Citi Miles upon renewal of his annual membership. A cardmember who charges more than $50,000 in any membership year will in addition to the 10,000 Citi Miles receive 10,000 Citi Miles.
# Destinations are for illustration purposes only and are valid at the time of upload. Actual destinations can be varied depending on frequent flyer programmes of each airline.
+ Travel spend refers to any travel related purchases including airticket, hotel stay, travel packages and any overseas spending.
^ Minimum 5,000 Citi Miles required for redemption. 5,000 Citi Miles = $50 value. Increments of 1,000 Citi Miles can be redeemed for each $10 in rebate.

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